TSF High-Torque Thread Units

For Retapping and Cleanout Applications

New Vista’s patented technology extends into a multitude of threading applications: thread verification, thread chasing and retapping are examples.  Retapping, for example, has proven to be a particular challenge for automotive part remanufacturers.  When parts are brought in for reconditioning, the threads tend to be damaged and dirty.  Retapping is what is needed here, and New Vista’s solution for this unique set of challenges is the TSF Thread Unit.

Popular in reconditioned-parts plants, the TSF Thread Unit is capable of retapping damaged threads and cleaning out serious contamination in thread sizes up to M18 (3/4”).   Much faster than old style retappers or drill presses, the average TSF cycle is just 3 seconds; allowing an operator to process more parts in a shift.  The TSFs will follow the existing threads, and they are equipped with a sensitive high speed drive which causes the spindle to stop when it encounters hopelessly-marred or short threads.  These features prevent common retapping problems like cutting out-of-phase threads or breaking tools.

To see a New Vista TSF Thread Unit retapping threaded holes packed with rust, dirt and plating residue in Brake Calipers, please view Video VTSF3.

Contact one of New Vista’s Application Engineers today to find out what you can save by implementing a more efficient retapping process. Expert applications service is available from our U.S. location and in several other countries as well. Please inquire.