Handheld Thread-Verification Solutions

TC Unit with lightLarge and cumbersome parts with threaded holes are often impossible to remove from wherever they are; they need to have their threads confirmed or cleaned wherever they happen to be. Traditionally, this has meant that when thread verification or thread remediation is required, means are employed to run “GO” gages or taps into the threads. This kind of work is either done by hand or with cordless drills or air drills. Screwing in gages or taps by hand works, but it is terribly slow. Cordless or air drills work also, but there is considerable risk of damaging the entry ends of the holes. Also, with blind holes, there is no certainty about how deep to go.

New Vista has three different handheld types of tools that resolve both these problems. The TC Thread Gun is the most popular of these, because with the TC there is no cord or hose to contend with. Damage to the entry threads is eliminated partly through its torque-limiting mechanism, and partly through the compliant toolholders that are supplied with these Units: the gage or tap will enter straight even if the gun isn’t held straight.

The standard TC Gun is equipped with quick change tooling and depth setting, allowing most internal and external “GO” thread inspections (and cleanouts) to be performed to the correct depth in 4 seconds or less. As always with New Vista designs you get (adjustable) limited torque going in, and much greater torque backing out, eliminating the possibility of jamming in the hole or cross-threading.

The trend to replace hand gaging with powered thread verification is a prime example of technology making the workplace safer and more efficient. Not only will you find that your inspection time is greatly reduced, but your operator’s risk of repetitive motion injuries (carpel tunnel) is all but eliminated when employing the TC Gun. Once set up and running there is very little maintenance required, and most customers see rapid returns on investment.

You can see a New Vista TC Thread Gun inspecting multiple holes in large Housings in video VTC2.

Contact one of New Vista’s Application Engineers today to find out what you can save by expediting your thread inspection process. Expert applications service is available from our U.S. location and in several other countries as well. Please inquire.