Single Pass GO/NO GO Thread Gaging

Single Pass Go / No Go Thread Gaging

Many manufacturers are required to both “GO” and “NO GO” gage threaded features in their parts, but why use two gages when you could use one?  In traditional thread gaging, separate “GO” and “NO GO” thread plugs are used to ensure that a thread’s pitch is neither undersize or oversize.  New Vista’s combination “GO/NO GO” thread gages allow both inspections to be performed with one tool in a single pass for internal, through threads.

In sampling applications where the inspections are done manually, individual “GO” and “NO GO” gages remain practical.   But for fast-cycle or automated work, where time is of the essence, combination gages not only reduce inspection time, but also cut the amount of gaging equipment required in half (compared to arrangements requiring separate “GO” and “NO GO” gaging systems).

You can see New Vista’s “GO/NO GO” thread gages demonstrate combination thread gaging in the video below:

In addition to “GO” for pitch diameter, combination gages are available in configurations for “NO GO” pitch diameter or “NO GO” minor diameter to suit a broad range of applications.  Contact us today for more information regarding how New Vista’s combination thread gages can benefit your inspection process. Applications service is available from New Vista’s Baltimore, MD (USA) location and in several other countries as well.