What kind of Tools are used for Cleanout?

Cleanout TapCleanout Tap

Cleanout taps are commonly used to clear moderate to heavy contamination (like weld spatter, thick paint, and rust) out of existing threaded holes.

These tools feature a pitch diameter that is tapered on both the front and rear portions of the thread with the middle portion reaching near the full pitch diameter of a cutting tap of the same thread size.

This configuration allows for the remediation of existing thread at a fraction of the torque required to cut (or form) them, thus reducing the risk of out-of-phase rethreading.


New Vista’s custom Serra-ToolsTM are designed to provide both “GO” thread verification and light cleanout (for chip removal, excess coating, and light paint) in a single pass.

Flutes in the “GO” thread gage create the cutting edge (or heel) without reducing the pitch diameter.

This configuration allows the remediation of existing internal threads at a torque level only slightly above that which is required for normal thread gaging.