The Quality Show 2023

The Quality Show, by Quality Magazine, is a 3-day trade show focusing on quality manufacturing processes and techniques. This event gathers professionals in all things quality together to improve manufacturing processes. Donald E. Stephens Convention Center Rosemont, IL | October 24-26 New Vista will be located in booth #1711 This year, take advantage of the…Read More

Thread Gaging at Automate 2023

Visit our partners, New Scale Robotics in Booth 6602 at Automate next week (May 22-25) to see how thread gaging can become part of your automated inspection process! See the floorplan here.Read More

Thread Gaging With Robots

Are you already using one or more robots for material handling but still gaging threads by hand?  In the past, manufacturers relied solely on human operators to load and unload material and perform part inspections.  However, the use of robots has improved production efficiency and reduced the risk of workplace injuries. This technology has allowed…Read More

Single Pass GO/NO GO Thread Gaging

Many manufacturers are required to both “GO” and “NO GO” gage threaded features in their parts, but why use two gages when you could use one?  In traditional thread gaging, separate “GO” and “NO GO” thread plugs are used to ensure that a thread’s pitch is neither undersize or oversize.  New Vista’s combination “GO/NO GO”…Read More

Tool Compliance in Powered Thread Gaging

Misalignment is a fact of life in powered thread gaging and thread cleanout. You can’t avoid it. So how do you prevent, in real life, having the thread gage member jam in a good thread because of misalignment issues? New Vista’s patented torque control mechanism prevents damage even when misalignment is a factor, but for…Read More

What kind of Tools are used for Cleanout?

Cleanout Tap Cleanout taps are commonly used to clear moderate to heavy contamination (like weld spatter, thick paint, and rust) out of existing threaded holes. These tools feature a pitch diameter that is tapered on both the front and rear portions of the thread with the middle portion reaching near the full pitch diameter of…Read More

International Manufacturing Technology Show

Visit our booth at the 2022 International Manufacturing Technology Show September 12-17 in Chicago, Illinois! New Vista will be located in booth #135327 3rd Floor of the East Building In the Quality Assurance Area Visit the IMTS website for more information.Read More

Thread Quality Control Series: Thread Remediation

The purpose of thread quality control is to ensure that two mating parts will assemble correctly. This assembly can be impeded by missing threads, incorrect thread sizes, or all too often, obstructions in the thread (such as weld spatter or broken tools). In most cases, confirmation of the thread quality can be assured by the…Read More

Powered Thread Gaging: At Your Fingertips

The trend to replace hand gaging with powered thread verification is a prime example of technology making manufacturing safer & more efficient. Gaging threaded features has traditionally been done by hand, however, this is often tedious and allows room for operator error or injury. That’s where the New Vista Handheld RT Thread Unit comes in.…Read More

Thread Quality Control Series: Pipe Threads

Pipe threads are manufactured in many forms, but the most common types are straight and tapered threads. Straight pipe threads are gaged with the “GO” & “NO GO” process like regular threads, but tapered pipe threads require an entirely different gaging method: A series of one to three “L” checks. In this video, we’ll cover…Read More