TVM-ESC Thread Sorting Machines

New Vista’s TVM-ESCs are the most popular and widely used thread-sorting machines in the world. They are used for both “GO” and “NO GO” thread-verifications and are generally served from feeders, magazines or even hand fed. First introduced to the market in 2006, the longevity of these Machines is anchored in robust design and the use of the well-regarded New Vista TVU-STH Power Unit. TVM-ESCs are relentlessly reliable, they are compact and they will run either male or female threads. The latest models have quick-changeover capabilities built into them, and they cost less now than they ever have before.

The versatility of these machines is demonstrated in our videos at our videos page on the New Vista website.

The TVM-ESCs all feature New Vista’s patented technology which means they employ adjustable preset torque for entering the thread but full motor torque when backing out. This eliminates the risk of damaging the threads at entry or having a jammed thread gage. Crossthreading is never a problem with an ESC.

TVM-ESCs are now available with New-Vista’s Quick-Change Toolholders, so gage changing can be done in seconds.

If you have an interest in thread-sorting machines, ask for Catalog Publication 203-021. Call by phone or send us an email. Our U.S.-based people speak English and Spanish. Expert applications service is available from our U.S. location, and in several other countries as well.

Jack Wickham
New Vista Corporation