Robotic Thread-Verification Solutions
Watch an RTU check several different thread sizes in sequence with no manual involvement in this video.

Given parts with threads all over the place and at different angles (such as a Crankcase, above): what is the best way to verify all of the threads? Fixed automation systems tend to be inflexible and expensive, and hand gaging is inefficient and unreliable, with a high probability of human error leading to missed threads. The best solution? Often it’s the New Vista Robotic RTU.

The RTU is the successor to New Vista’s popular and acclaimed STH-R1 Robotic Unit, which has been employed in production applications around the world since 2012. Now, New Vista’s new RTU Robotic Systems offer the flexibility and agility required to meet any challenge, at a fraction of the cost of fixed automation.

The RTU will easily integrate with robots of any make or model. The thread gage members employed for each application can be changed automatically, employing New Vista’s Tool Docking System. Torque and depth settings are changed automatically during operation to accommodate any thread size. New Vista’s Compliant Toolholders (supplied with every System) will accommodate both rectilinear and angular misalignments. And a new breakaway feature ensures that tooling and parts are not damaged in the event of an accidental crash.

The New Vista RTU is suited for a wide range of applications and offers speed and flexibility in an affordable package. Discover how the RTU can be used for your quality application needs by contacting us today.