New Vista Multiple-Spindle Thread Verification

multi-spindle FLX headsIn addition to our popular single-spindle STH Thread Unit designs, New Vista offers multi-spindle FLX Heads for integration and multi-spindle FLX Stations to meet your thread-verification requirements.  Each FLX spindle has its own separate torque monitoring; and each spindle provides for separate thread depth setting. The threads being gaged don’t need to be all the same size nor the same depth either. As always with the New Vista designs you get (adjustable) limited torque going in, and much greater torque backing out, eliminating the possibility of jamming in the hole.

These “FLX” (multi-spindle) Heads run all the Thread Gage Members in simultaneously, so for applications where short cycles are required they are often the only sensible choice. Once set up and running there is very little maintenance required, and most customers see rapid returns on investment.

Sometimes a multiple-spindle thread-verification approach is best. New Vista builds a significant number of Heads and Stations of this configuration every year. The number of spindles generally ranges from 2 to 12, with some specialty heads numbering in the high 30s.  The Heads are used for round pattern work (bolt circles) and for irregular patterns also.  Here are some videos:

A hand-loaded station: VFLX3.

An automated FLX Head on an index table: VFLX11.  The third part is a reject.

Visit the FLX Catalog Page for more details. Expert applications service is available from our U.S. location, and in several other countries as well. Please inquire.