Handheld Thread Verification and Chasing

New Vista is well known for its large offering of automated thread verification and chasing equipment. But not every application requires an automated solution. If your volume is limited, a powered handheld device may be the answer. If you are still gaging or chasing threads manually, it’s probably for one or more of these reasons:

  • The guns you have seen are too slow.
  • The gage / chaser tears up the mouth of the hole.
  • If you bottom out on the thread, the gun jams, and you can’t back the tool out.
  • Tool breakage is frequent.

The new TG guns solve all these problems, and they are inexpensive as well. Generally you can figure that a TG gun will be 10 times faster than manual gaging / chasing. In high labor rate countries the payback in labor savings can be as short as one month. And you can now get started with a TG setup for as little as $2,090 USD.

Watch this operator gaging holes in automotive components: Watch videos VTG5 and VTG8 on our website, https://www.newvistacorp.com. He is using a New Vista TG-3B gun here, and is able to make a 2.5-second hole-to-hole rate. These are deep holes, 15 threads each. The torque setting is dialed in with this gun, and then locked there. The gun reverses out automatically upon attaining the correct minimum thread depth, and the green flash confirms it.


  • The gun never jams when it encounters a short thread (the holes with the red tape).
  • The gun doesn’t hesitate, crossthread or hang up at the mouth of the holes.

Even inexperienced operators can quickly learn to use these guns effectively.

If you have a limited budget you might prefer the TG-1A or TG-2A guns. They cost less. These don’t reverse automatically, so you watch a stop collar to determine if you have attained depth. Watch video VTG6 to see the TG-1A in action.

Send details of your application to [email protected] or call U.S. telephone 410-342-3820 Extension 0. We speak English and Spanish. There are three different TG guns and a dozen or so different toolholders. You will want to be sure to get what is best for your application. You can order direct from New Vista or through any distributor. You will be responsible for shipping.

Jack Wickham
New Vista Corporation