Robot Mounted Thread Gaging and Remediation Units for Integration

New Vista RTU Robotic Gaging and Remediation Units and Tool Docking Systems for Thread Gaging, Thread Remediation, and Plain Hole Gaging

Specifications and Capacities for RTU Units

  • You can accommodate nearly any thread size between M1 and M75 with any new standard-issue RTU-SM2. Different models for different thread sizes (or different pitches) are no longer necessary. Any RTU-SM2 can now be used to gage or remediate nearly any thread.
  • With the new tooling for RTUs, torques and rpms are selectable right off the screen.
  • Specialty tool shanks are no longer a necessity. New tooling options for the new RTU-SM2s accommodate straight shank, taper shank, all-threaded reversible or Type BH tools.
  • The weight of an RTU with a set of tooling is about 3.6 kg (8 lbs.)
  • Parts are available for immediate shipment worldwide for all standard-issue RTU-SM2s.
  • Quickly and automatically verifies or remediates threaded holes (or external threads) by powering a suitable tool into (or onto) and back out of (or off of) the part. Every RTU is capable of “GO” gaging, “NO GO” gaging, combination gaging, thread chasing and plain hole gaging.
  • Sensitive high speed drive allows the tool to stop in case of missing, short, or improperly formed threads. This creates a “reject” signal.
  • Spring-biased spindle nose prevents damage to end of thread at start of engagement.
  • Will verify blind holes (or male threads) accurately for thread depth (length). Will work in any orientation.
  • Will not crossthread.
  • Will not jam or stick in short or obstructed (reject) threads.
  • Does not subject the part (or the spindle) to high force or torque levels.
  • A single RTU Unit will work with a variety of thread sizes and thread pitches. No leadscrew is employed.
  • Proven out on a robot for your application before shipping.
  • Shipped tooled and programmed for your application, with complete integration instructions.