PPT Thread Verification & Remediation Machines


Inexpensive push-pull machines for thread resizing, thread verifying, chasing or retapping

A PPT with custom tooling and green flash option and a floor stand.
A Basic PPT
A Basic PPT with Options


  • All electric. Available in 220 vac or 120 vac.  It’s portable.
  • Supplied standard with New Vista 62020AC composite clutch and Type FP quick-change chuck.
  • Will follow existing thread. It won’t crossthread (with the Squaring-up Plate).
  • Tools won’t jam in the threads (reverse-out is at higher torque than run-in).
  • Won’t tear up the mouth of the thread (won’t damage the thread at entry).
  • No programming required at all.
  • Tool Adapters available to run any gage or remediation tool and any shank configuration: taper shank, straight shank, all-threaded and Type BH.
  • No operator training required.
  • High torque on demand without operator effort.
  • Variable speed settings: from 0 to 1,400 rpm.
  • Slow-start feature is available with the basic unit.
  • When used for thread verifying, cycles of 1 second are often attained (the operator’s part-handling time will be in addition to this).
  • Complete changeover in seconds.
  • Green light illuminates when correct thread depth has been achieved (with the Thread Depth Option).
  • Can be run freehand, without any fixturing. But for fast cycles, order the Squaring-up Plate.

Applications Assistance

An Application Form is available from the New Vista website: https://www.newvistacorp.com/contact/. Fill in the blanks and send it to [email protected]. Or you can get help by calling this U.S. telephone number: 410-342-3820, then 0, and then ask for Applications Assistance. We speak English and Spanish. A New Vista Applications Engineer will help you select the proper Thread Unit and Thread Gage or Remediation Tool — and work with you if you need a special, or a system.