Standalone Thread Checking Stations

Our Standalone Stations are custom designed to fit your application and can handle any parts including those with multiple threads and different planes of orientation. They can be designed to run single parts or multiple parts with quick and convenient changeover and fed by any means (conveyor, track, hand loaded, robot loaded, robot served).

  • Available as single-spindle Units, multiple-spindle Heads or complete Stations.
  • Used to form, verify or remediate threaded features utilizing the appropriate thread tools and Toolholders, by application.
  • With the right tooling, this system will simultaneously form, verify or remediate threads of different sizes and pitches.
  • Each Spindle can be individually set for applications with multiple torque and thread depth requirements.
  • Our Compliant Toolholders can be equipped to each spindle to ensure angular and positional compliance.
  • Strategically avoids damage from broken taps, missing or displaced holes with the use of New Vista’s patented clutch.
  • Protects against crossthreading and jamming.
  • Supplied perfectly tailored to your application’s needs.