TG Handheld Thread Checking - Air Powered

New Vista TG-Series Hand-Held Units

For Offhand Thread Verification And Thread Remediation

  • Higher speeds! Compact!
  • Air powered! No batteries!
  • Accepts the new-style “compliant” toolholders!

TG-2: Adjustable Torque Model

  • Torque independent of push; with no jam feature.
  • Used when protection of the mouth of the hole is paramount.
  • Going-in torque is set (and limited) by means of the lockable setting collar. Full motor torque in reverse prevents jamming.
  • Utilizes stop collar for depth control. Pushbutton reverse.
  • Same heavy duty New Vista-patented mechanism as used in our automation machines.
  • Super-speed thread verification or remediation without gouging or jamming.
  • Portable. Can be used anywhere. Outperforms “retappers” by three times.
  • Will thread-verify most holes in 2-1/2 seconds (hole-to-hole time).
  • Sensitive patented high speed drive causes the spindle to stop in case of bad or short threads. Won’t jam or damage threads if it “bottoms out”.
  • Does not subject the operator to high force levels.
  • Compliant toolholders allow Chasing Tools (or Thread Gage Members) to follow the hole if alignment is not perfect. See videos on the New Vista website.
  • Available depth-sensing device confirms blind holes accurately for thread depth.
  • Toolholders available that accept taper shank, straight shank or “reversible” Thread Gage Members.