With global reps and international distributers, New Vista Corporation is the leading producer of powered thread-checking and thread-reconditioning equipment for industrial production. In the last 20 years New Vista has seen exponential growth and development as the requirement for thread verification and thread reconditioning of manufactured parts has greatly increased. After outgrowing two successive facilities the company moved into its largest plant yet, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Rather than attempt to approach industrial production hurdles with a “One Size Fits All” mentality, the team at New Vista is dedicated to ensuring that each customer gets the equipment best suited to their unique needs. To accomplish this, we work closely with our customers, emphasizing:

  • Applications Engineering.
  • Use of standard parts, proven mechanisms and designs, to ensure maximum uptime and minimize cost.
  • Reliable products that accelerate investment payback.
  • Unsurpassed follow-on service & support.

New Vista offers a full line of patented thread-verification and thread-reconditioning equipment, ranging from fully automated, turnkey stations to portable hand-held guns. See the descriptions below to find the solution that’s right for you:

Units Ready For Integration:

Are you tooling a new machine or retooling an existing one? Popular with integrators and retrofitters, New Vista’s STH Thread Units incorporate complete servo systems for quick cycles, accessible programming for easy integration, and proven designs that will save you time and money. New Vista Thread Units offer the peace of mind that comes with time-tested technology so that you can focus on building the rest of your system. Click here to see New Vista’s Units Ready for Integration.

Hand-Loaded Machines and Systems:

Quick to start up and simple to learn, these low-cost, fast-cycle systems replace hand gaging of threads. Ordinarily supplied as turnkey standalone workstations, they are 4 to 5 times faster than hand gaging. Equipped with fixturing that supports a myriad of unique part shapes and sizes, these systems can be put to use every time a new part comes down the line. Click here to see New Vista’s Hand-Loaded Systems.

  • multi-spindle FLX heads

Automated Stations:

At the pace of modern production, you can’t afford to spare more than a few seconds to check your threads. New Vista’s fully automated stations are the industrial solution built specifically to overcome commonplace manufacturing obstacles for any part with threads. Using standardized parts in conjunction with a design tailored to your application, these stations will meet or exceed your production quota. Click here to see New Vista’s Automated Stations.

Hand-Held Units:

New Vista Hand-Held Units offer considerable economic and ergonomic advantages over traditional hand gaging. With a comfortable grip for extended use and the capacity to run thread gaging cycles 5 times faster than a hand gage, many plants see investment payback in less than a month. The Hand-Held Units are equally useful in situations where thread checking is needed only occasionally or volume is low. Click here to see New Vista’s Hand-Held Units.

Visit our full site today to see our complete product line; or contact a New Vista Applications Engineer and tell us about your application. With over 100 years of combined experience, our engineers will find you the solution you need, whatever the application. We correspond and do business in English and Spanish.