Bench Mounted Thread Checking Machines

These flexible units are designed to replace hand gaging and are easily fixtured to process multiple parts with a quick change over time. Generally, hand-loaded they can be modified to be robot loaded or work as an automated station. New Vista has two main types of bench mounted stations the PPT and the SC.



The PPT is an inexpensive push-pull machine for thread resizing, thread verifying, or remediation (chasing).

  • All electric. Available in 220 vac or 120 vac.  It’s portable.
  • Supplied standard with New Vista 62020AC composite clutch and Type FP quick-change chuck.
  • Will follow existing thread. It won’t crossthread (with the Squaring-up Plate).
  • Tools will not jam in the threads (reverse-out is at higher torque than run-in).
  • Will not tear up the mouth of the thread (won’t damage the thread at entry).
  • No programming required at all.
  • Tool Adapters available to run any gage or remediation tool and any shank configuration: taper shank, straight shank, all-threaded and Type BH.
  • No operator training required.
  • High torque on demand without operator effort.
  • Variable speed settings: from 0 to 1,400 rpm.
  • Slow-start feature is available with the basic unit.
  • When used for thread verifying, cycles of 1 second are often attained (the operator’s part-handling time will be in addition to this).
  • Complete changeover in seconds.
  • Green light illuminates when correct thread depth has been achieved (with the Thread Depth Option).
  • Can be run freehand, without any fixturing. But for fast cycles, order the Squaring-up Plate.
The SC is a fast machine for thread resizing, thread verifying, remediation (chasing) or retapping.

  • Fast. Manually loaded floor-to-floor cycles of 3 to 4 seconds are regularly attained. Automated machines can be twice as fast.
  • Models available that will run a large variety of internal or external, straight, or tapered threads.
  • Utilizes production-proven, patented New Vista mechanisms and controls.
  • Low maintenance and long thread tool life.
  • Sensitive high-speed drive allows spindle to stop quickly if an obstruction is encountered.
  • Will not subject the part or the tooling to damaging force or torque levels.
  • Will not jam or stick in undersize or short threads.
  • Outputs are available for integrated applications.
  • Supplied tooled and proven out for your application.
  • The economical way to run fast cycles in either high or low volumes.
  • Will run a variety of parts.
  • Available with Quick-change Toolholders and Fast-change Fixtures.
  • Auto load, auto unload and auto sort options are available.
  • Most changeovers in less than 30 seconds.
  • Tooling available for hand-loaded or automated applications

For SC Machines

MN-2 M3 – M10 (#4 – 3/8”)
MN-4 M8 – M38 (5/16” – 1-1/2”) & Pipe threads through 1/2” M3 – M10 (#4 – 3/8”)
MN-5 M19 – M70 (3/4” – 2-3/4”) & Pipe threads through 2” M6 – M25 (1/4” – 1”)
MX-5 M32 – M90 (1-1/4” – 3-1/2”) M10 – M38 (3/8” – 1-1/2”)
MX-6 M70 – M190 (2-3/4” – 7-1/2”) _

A “–CMB” suffix is applied to the model number if the machine will be used for “Combination” thread gaging, or for pipe thread gaging.