Automated Deburring Units

New Vista PLS Deburring Units

For deburring holes in automated systems.

  • Can be supplied with Touchscreen HMI.
  • Variable rpm (var. freq.) AC drive: 100 – 2000 rpm, 230/460 vac.
  • Servo-driven feed-advance. Feed rates set/selected from touchscreen supplied.
  • Feed capacities to match customer’s applications.
  • Built for continuous service in automated systems.
  • Available with a variety of deburring tools.
  • Capacity: Hole sizes from Ø6mm (1/4 inch) through Ø26mm (1-1/32 inch).
  • Gear-driven, with twin set of duplex (angular-contact) ball bearings.
  • Used to deburr both ends (both sides) of bores and holes — in a single pass.
  • Just a few seconds to deburr any hole.
  • Hole roundness and hole alignment are not critical.
  • Will work with flimsy stampings as well as machined parts.