SVV Thread Verification & Chasing Machines


— Complete hand-guided system for thread verification or thread chasing —

  • Will work with both internal and external threads.
  • Verifies, re-forms or chases threads at rates up to 1,600 holes (or male threads) per hour. That’s 2-1/4 seconds from one threaded feature to the next. Ask to see the videos.
  • Hole-to-hole movements are manual. The counterbalanced pantograph supplied diminishes operator fatigue, and eliminates the possibility of crossthreading.
  • The System, not the operator, determines whether the thread has been successfully verified or chased.
  • Utilizes the same patented New Vista mechanisms that are in use in New Vista-supplied installations all over the world.
  • Will run a variety of parts, both large and small. Can accommodate male or female threads of varying sizes. When equipped with one of the New Vista Quick-Change Toolholders, changing from one thread to another takes only a few seconds. Will gage or chase various thread depths without tuning in.
SVV Thread Verification & Chasing Machines
A New Vista SVV setup shown to the right.
Part fixturing is simple; or, in many cases, not required at all.
U.S. PATENT NO. 7,059,055 and 7,513,720; CANADIAN PATENT NO. 2,521,347


  • Fast. For the smaller threads, hole-to-hole times of 2.5 seconds are routine.
  • Foolproof. Once the threaded feature is engaged, the System, not the operator, follows the thread and decides what is good.
  • Registers as rejects: short threads, no threads, undersize or oversize threads; wrong pitch threads; holes with broken taps or other obstructions.
  • Utilizes standard production-proven, patented New Vista mechanisms and controls.
  • Low maintenance and long tool life.
  • Will inspect for “GO”, “NO GO”, or combination characteristics. Will re-form external or internal threads also.
  • Fingertip torque control… set it, and then lock it in place.
  • Depth rod feature guarantees precision verification of thread length (or depth).
  • Utilizes New Vista Quick-Change Toolholders.
  • Sensitive high-speed drive allows spindle to stop quickly if an obstruction is encountered.
  • Will not jam or stick in undersize or short threads. Will not subject the operator, the part or the tooling to high force or torque levels…even with a thread blockage.
  • Standard models available that will run threads from M3 through M30 (#4 thru 1-1/4”).
  • “Full Count Option” guarantees that no holes in a pattern are missed.
  • Supplied tooled and proven out for your application.


Old Style Electric-Powered SVV
The Old Style electric-powered SVV shown above is equipped with a setup for palletized parts. The M4 studs (external threads) get re-formed and gaged all in one pass. This same SVV, with its convertible overhead drive train, can handle threads up to M30
(1-1/4”) size.
New Vista’s new Type FL Toolholding System will accommodate any size or depth of thread
New Vista’s new Type FL Toolholding System will accommodate any size or depth of thread

The Control and Monitoring Unit shown here is part of the System. Once the operator engages the threaded feature, the control takes over; it runs the tool to depth and it automatically reverses it out. The machine makes the decision whether the thread has been successfully verified or chased; the operator cannot override it.

SVV Control and Monitoring Unit

Applications Assistance

An Application Form is available from the New Vista website: Fill in the blanks and send it to [email protected]. Or you can get help by calling this U.S. telephone number: 410-342-3820, then 0, and then ask for Applications Assistance. We speak English and Spanish. A New Vista Applications Engineer will help you select the proper Thread Unit and Thread Gage or Chasing Members — and work with you if you need a special, or a system.