RT Thread Verification & Remediation Hand-Helds

Standard Kits

On our online store we offer the RT as a standard kit that comes with everything that you need to start gaging with standard tapered thread gages. We also offer Tool Adapters for the most common thread sizes in tapered shank, straight shank, and reversible thread gages.

Green Depth Sensing Lights

Green Depth Sensing Lights are available as an option. They illuminate when you have reached the correct thread depth.

Custom Applications

If your application requires customization or if you have any questions, contact us with the “Get a Quote” button below or give us a call.



■ Battery-powered.  ■ Versatile.  ■ Accepts all the new-style compliant toolholders.   ■ This is New Vista’s fastest hand-held!    ■ With a convenient rocker trigger.

A detailed diagram of New Vista's RT Thread Unit.


  • Battery-powered verification (or remediation) of threaded holes (or external threads).
  • Powerful. Portable. Two-speed gear drive. Can be used anywhere.
  • Will process most threads in less than 3 seconds.
  • Sensitive patented clutch unit allows the thread tool to stop harmlessly in case of hopelessly obstructed threads.
  • Fast-change snap-in Type FP chuck enables tool changes in 4 seconds.
  • Tool Adapters will accommodate all the popular tool shanks: taper, straight, Type BH and full-threaded (reversible).
  • Compliant feature prevents jamming. It will follow the existing thread, not fight it.
  • Forward (driving-in) torque settings are made with an external knob. Torque in reverse is always at maximum power.

Applications Assistance

An Application Form is available from the New Vista website: https://www.newvistacorp.com/contact/. Fill in the blanks and send it to [email protected]. Or you can get help by calling this U.S. telephone number: 410-342-3820, then 0, and then ask for Applications Assistance. We speak English and Spanish. A New Vista Applications Engineer will help you select the proper Thread Unit and Thread Gage or Remediation Tool — and work with you if you need a special, or a system.