IND Thread Verification & Chasing Stations


— Rotary Index Type Thread- and Hole-Verification Machines —

High-output thread-verification system for tire valve componentry.
New-style Automated IND/SCC-MN-2
…for brake system components.
  • Supplied by vibratory feeding system.
  • Equipped with New Vista ‘Safety Indexer’ and quick-change index wheels.
  • Good parts and reject parts go down separate tubes.


  • Automatically inspects threaded features in parts. Rejects are automatically sorted out.
  • Indexing wheel transfers part from load-in to various inspection positions.
  • Good parts and rejects are chuted away separately.
  • Throughputs to 14,400 parts per hour (four parts up).
  • Checks threaded holes (or external threads) by powering a Thread Gage Member into (or onto) the part. “GO” gaging, “NO GO” gaging, and combination gaging are all possible.
  • Sensitive high speed drive causes the spindles to stop in case of missing, short or improperly formed threads. This creates a “reject” signal.
  • Will check blind holes accurately for thread depth.
  • Will not jam or stick in undersize (reject) threads. Rejects are separated out without stopping the process.
  • Does not subject the part (or the spindle) to high force or torque levels…even with a reject.
  • Multispindle Stations are available for multiple parts or multiple centers work.
  • Automatic gaging of non-threaded features can be incorporated in.
  • Supplied tooled and proven out for your application.


Thread inspection at the various index positions is accomplished through the use of standard New Vista Thread-Verification Units (TVUs), or standard New Vista FLX Thread-Verification Spindles arranged in clusters.

IND Index Wheel
View from above:
The index wheel (dial plate) is at the center of the photo. The Thread-Verification Unit feeds down from the top. This IND handles several different part numbers.
Type IND
IND-STH verifying M14 threads in automotive sensor bosses.
Type IND
Gear Blanks, for power seat mechanisms. The New Vista IND verifies the multi-start thread and measures the two trunnion-end diameters.
Type IND
New-style Automated IND-STH
…for circuit board spacers
  • Supplied by in-process feed tube.
  • M3 thread…2-second cycle.
  • Good parts tube discharges parts in correct orientation for next process step.

Applications Assistance

An Application Form is available from the New Vista website: Fill in the blanks and send it to [email protected]. Or you can get help by calling this U.S. telephone number: 410-342-3820, then 0, and then ask for Applications Assistance. We speak English and Spanish. A New Vista Applications Engineer will help you select the proper Thread Unit and Thread Gage or Chasing Members — and work with you if you need a special, or a system.