• Typical cycle time of 2 seconds.
  • Does not subject the part to high force or torque levels even with a reject.
  • Quick to set up and use. Will mount in any orientation.
  • Available with gear reducer (3:1, 4:1, or 7:1) for high torque applications.

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Series Features

  • Quickly and automatically checks threaded holes (or external threads) by powering a Thread Gage Member into (or onto) and out of (or off of) the part. Versions are capable of “GO” gaging, “NO GO” gaging, and Combination gaging.
  • Sensitive high speed drive allows the Thread Gage Member to stop in case of missing or improperly formed threads. This registers a fault, creating a “reject” signal.
  • Spring-loaded spindle prevents damage to end of thread at start of engagement.
  • Will check blind holes accurately for thread depth.
  • Will not jam or stick in undersize (reject) threads. In automated applications, rejects can be separated out without stopping the process.
  • Does not subject the part (or the spindle) to high force or torque levels…even with a reject.
  • Quick to set up and use. Shipped pre-programmed. Will mount in any orientation.
  • Inspects a wide range of threads, with gage member replacement the only changeover. The toolholder allows for quick change-out of Thread Gage Members.

Specifications & Capacities

  • Cycle times shown are for servo-driven versions, and where the thread length is equal to the thread diameter.
  • The TVUs listed below are all foot-mounted.
  • Add “-R” suffix after the model number if the TVU will be used with a robot.
  • Add “-NG” suffix for GO/NO-GO (Combination gaging) versions.
  • Add “-ES” suffix for extended stroke version.
  • Add “-QC” suffix for Quick-Change Toolholder applications.

Included With Series

  • ER-16 Standard Toolholder.
  • Mounted drive motor.
  • Mounted proximity switch(es).
  • Prox and motor cables.
  • Preprogrammed motor drive.
  • Preprogrammed local control (PPIC).

Not Included With Series

  • Slide or Robot to advance the TVU. A RAM-250 Slide Unit from New Vista can be employed for this purpose. For –R versions, the Robot provides this function.
  • Thread Gage Members or Thread Ring Gages. Please order separately.
  • AD-420 or DRGN Off-Axis Adapter.
  • A PLC and 24V power supply (for control functions).