• Mounts in the turret or tailstock of a CNC lathe.
  • Rotary power and advance are provided by the machine tool.

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Series Features

  • Quickly checks threaded holes (or external threads) by automatically screwing a Thread Gage Member into (or onto) the part.  “GO” gaging, “NO GO” gaging, and Combination gaging are all possible.
  • The TVU-SMNP features a spring-biased spindle with (adjustable) pre-set torque limits within the internal mechanism.
  • Will check blind holes or external threads accurately for thread length.
  • If the threads are missing, too short, or improperly formed, the Thread Gage Member will simply spin with the part. This creates a “reject” signal.
  • The drive “locks up” when the spindle is reversed, so that the gage will not stick in (or on) the thread when wrong-size (or short) threads are encountered.
  • Will withstand constant drenching with coolant.
  • Does not subject the part (or the spindle) to high force or torque levels. 

Specifications & Capacities

  • -B denotes Tool Block Mount
  • -S denotes Turret Mount
  • -C denotes Turret Mount
Model Torque Unit Thread Size Max Stroke Up To Approx. Cycle Time
TVU-SMNP-250-B (S, C)
3-5mm (#4 thru #10)
44mm (1.75 in.)
1.0 sec
TVU-SMNP-500-B (S, C)
6-25mm (1/4” thru 1”)
50mm (2.00 in.)
1.8 sec
TVU-SMNP-1000-B (S, C)
25-44mm (1” thru 1-3/4”)
57mm (2.25 in.)
2.8 sec