• Fast cycle time.
  • Comprised of multiple spindles driven by a single motor.
  • Simplified changeover between similar parts.

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Series Features

  • Available as standalone or automated stations.
  • Multiple spindles verify multiple threaded features by engaging Thread Gage Members with various threaded features.
  • Can simultaneously verify threads of different sizes and pitches.
  • Won’t crossthread.
  • Will confirm blind holes accurately for depth.
  • Will not jam or stick upon reverse-out. 
  • Does not subject the part (or the spindle) to high force levels.
  • X-Y and angular compliance built into every setup.
  • Supplied proven out for your application. 

Specifications & Capacities

  • Thread-verification is accomplished through the use of standard New Vista FLX Spindles arranged in clusters.  
  • High speed compliant drives allow the Thread Gage Members to follow the existing threads, even though alignment and angularity are not perfect.  In most cases clamping of the part is not necessary.

Included With Series

  • Controls Box

Not Included With Series

  • Thread Gage Members (Purchased Separated)