• Will run a variety of parts; tooling is inexpensive.
  • Most changeovers in less than 30 seconds.
  • The economical way to run both high and low volumes…at high production rates.
  • Available with Quick-change Toolholders and Fast-change Fixtures.
  • Auto load, auto unload and auto sort options available.

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Series Features

  • Fast. Floor-to-floor cycles of 3 to 4 seconds are regularly attained.
  • Models available that will run a large variety of internal or external, straight or tapered threads.
  • Utilizes production-proven, patented New Vista mechanisms and controls.
  • Low maintenance and long probe life.
  • Will inspect for “GO”, “NO GO”, or combination characteristics.
  • Precision verification of thread depth for straight threads (or tapered pipe threads).
  • Sensitive high-speed drive allows spindle to stop quickly if an obstruction is encountered.
  • Will not subject the part or the tooling to high force or torque levels…even with a reject.
  • Will not jam or stick in undersize or short threads.
  • Green light signifies a good thread; red lights signals reject threads: short threads, no threads, undersize or oversize threads, obstructed threads.
  • Supplied tooled and proven out for your application.

Included With Series

  • One Quick Change Toolholder.
  • Control Box pre-programmed for your application.

Not Included With Series

  • Thread Gage Member.
  • Floor Stand (Optional).
  • Auto-Sort Assembly (Optional).