• Lowest cost, most popular units; in use worldwide.
  • Air powered.
  • Available with Compliant or Breakaway toolholders.
  • Same patented New Vista torque mechanism used in automation. Won’t tear up threads at mouth of hole.

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Series Features


  • Push-for-torque feature, with manual reverse.
  • Supplied without auto depth sensing and without auto reverse.
  • Same heavy duty New Vista-patented mechanism as used in automation.
  • Same no-jam, no-gouge features as the higher-end models.


  • Same features as the TG-1A above
  • Employs an adjustable torque feature, replacing the push-for-torque feature.
  • No external application of force required.


  • Same features as the TG-2A above
  • Features automatic depth sensing and automatic reverse (when preset thread depth is attained).

Specifications & Capacities

  • Runs M3-M16 (#4 to 5/8”) threads.
  • Variable speed, up to 1,800 rpm.
  • Adjustable infeed torque up to  3.5 N-m (2.6 ft-lbs).
  • Reverse torque of 3.5 N-m (2.6 ft-lbs).
  • Quick-Change, Compliant, and/or Breakaway Toolholders available.
Model New Vista Torque Mechanism Depth Control Reverse Mode
Adjustable Collar
Manual Reverse
Adjustable Collar
Manual Reverse
Depth Rod
Auto reverse at set depth

Included With Series

  • TVCG unit
  • Air-powered motor

Not Included With Series

  • Thread Gage Members or Thread Chasing Tools; Please order separately.
  • Additional Quick-Change, Compliant, and/or Breakaway Toolholders.