• Good parts and rejects are chuted away separately.
  • Outputs up to 2,000 parts per hour.

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Series Features

  • Automatically escapes parts into an indexing wheel, where thread verification and additional inspection operations can be performed.
  • Checks threaded holes (or external threads) by powering a probe (or ring gage) into and out of the part. GO gaging, NO GO gaging, and combination gaging are all possible. 
  • Sensitive high speed drive causes the spindle to stop in case of missing or improperly 
    formed threads. This registers a fault, creating a “reject” signal. Optionally, three rejects in a row can shut down module.
  • Will check blind holes accurately for thread depth.
  • Will not jam or stick in undersize (reject) threads. Rejects are separated out without stopping the process.
  • Does not subject the part (or the spindle) to high force or torque levels…even with a reject.
  • Control system includes a programmed PLC and a touchscreen human machine interface (HMI). Includes counting of number passed, number failed, and cycle time. Module can be set to go into idle mode after counting any number of parts up to 999,999.
  • Three basic models fit most applications. Multispindle versions are also available.
  • Supplied tooled and proven out for your application.