• Automatically feeds parts, inspects threads, and diverts parts to pass or fail chutes.
  • Easily integrated with an upstream bowl feeder or a downstream packaging system.

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Series Features

  • Automatically escapes and inspects threaded features in feedable parts.
  • Good parts and rejects are chuted away separately.
  • Outputs up to 2,400 parts per hour.
  • Checks threaded holes (or external threads) by powering a Thread Gage Member into, or
    onto, the part. “GO” gaging, “NO GO” gaging, and combination gaging are all possible.
  • Sensitive high speed drive causes the spindle to stop in case of missing or improperly
    formed threads. This registers a fault, creating a “reject” signal.
  • Will check blind holes accurately for thread depth.
  • Will not jam or stick in undersize (reject) threads. Rejects are separated out without
    stopping the process.
  • Does not subject the part (or the spindle) to high force or torque levels…even with a reject.
  • Four basic models fit most applications. Multispindle versions are also available.
  • Supplied tooled and proven out for your application.
Model Torque Unit Thread Size
3 – 5mm (#4 thru #10)
5 – 25mm (#10 thru 1”)
16 – 50mm (5/8” thru 2”)
37 – 100mm (1-1/2” thru 4”)