Off-Axis Adapter

  • Increases TVU compliance to 3.5mm true position.
  • Accommodates up to 3 degrees off-angularity.

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Series Features

  • For use in mills and drills and with various New Vista thread-verification and thread- chasing drive units.
  • Eliminates jamming and stalling, and off-axis re-cutting due to difficulty in aligning the tool with the threaded feature.
  • Specially designed to avoid cross threading by accommodating out of position threads first, and then adjusting for variances in angularity.
  • Floating adapter will find and follow threaded holes (or external threads).
  • The DRGN Adapters are more compact than the AD-Series Adapters, but they don’t allow quite as much compliance. The DRGNs are most commonly used with New Vista TVS-FLX, TVM-SC, and in robotic applications.

Specifications & Capacities

  • Used in applications where metallic adhesions (on the thread gage member) would otherwise be a problem.
  • Will find and follow threaded holes (or external threads) that are out of position up to 3.5mm (.140”) true position; and, for specialty applications, out of square up to 3º.

Included With Series

  • One (1) AD type or DRGN type Off-Axis Adapter.

Not Included With Series

  • Thread gage members.
  • Tool Adapter, which allows installation of thread gage members on the Off-Axis Adapters.
  • Shaft Adapter, which allows installation on TVU-STH thread verification units.