Rotary Cabinet Washer

  • The part is set in a simple fixture, and then washed, and then blown dry, from the inside and the outside while rotating.
  • Perfect for use in conjunction with CNC lathes.

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Series Features

  • The part is rotated during washing. Jets pressure – blast the part from both the inside and outside – excellent for purging out part features such as bores, holes, internal and external grooves.
  • Parts leave the Station clean and dry.
  • Can be served by robot, gantry, or loaded manually.
  • Automatable with New Vista Multi-Gantry MG-1000 (Catalog Sheet 200-025).
  • Heavy gauge stainless construction.
  • Small footprint.
  • Single load/unload point.
  • Rollaway tank unit.
  • Multi-stage filtering: 1)Lift-out strainer basket, 2) Contaminant-settling baffle, 3) Pump intake screen, 4)Bag filter.
  • Available with mist collection system.
  • Swing-away lid (with window) provides 360? access.
  • 5-minute fixture-and-nozzle changeovers.

Specifications & Capacities

– Slip clutch-protected rotary drive.

– Dual pressure washing available:

  • 40 PSI, 30 GPM low pressure deluge.
  • 310 PSI, 7.5 GPM high pressure blast (special order option).

Other options:

  • Regenerative Blowoff – 5 HP motor generates 4 PSI and 215 CFM.
  • Mist Collector – 1/2 HP, 225 CFM with 3-stage filtration.
  • Oil Skimmer – 1 GPH rate.