Parts Washing Group

We specialize in oriented parts washing for the targeted cleaning and drying of high production parts. To accomplish this, we manufacture two types of aqueous spray-type production parts washers:

Rotary Cabinet Washers

  • Medium throughput
  • Fixture keeps part oriented
  • Small footprint
  • Single load/unload point
  • Designed for use in cells

Linear Conveyor Washers

  • High throughput
  • Rails, Pucks, or Auger keep parts oriented
  • Rectangular footprint
  • Load one end, unload at far end
  • Designed for final or in-process cleaning

Some manufacturers wash their parts in batches, putting them in a basket or piling them onto a mesh conveyor belt to wash them. Too often, these parts don’t get totally clean or dry. However, if you are able to load parts individually and wash them as they are manufactured, you can wash and dry effectively. Our washers are designed for this type of “lean” production environment.

Rotary Cabinet Washer

  • The part is set in a simple fixture, and then washed, and then blown dry, from the inside and the outside while rotating.
  • Perfec...

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