CRD Hand-Held Kit


CRD Hand-Held Thread Unit Kit

For Offhand Thread Verification And Thread Remediation

The Kit comes with everything needed to start verifying threads using standard taper shank gages. Each Kit includes the following:

  • One CRD Thread Unit equipped with a type FP chuck
  • Three taper shank gage tool adapters
    (for handle sizes no. 0, 1, and 2)
  • One torque adjustment tool
    (a spanner wrench for 1-1/2” diameter circle with a 7/32” pin)
  • One 12V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • One battery charger


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U.S. PATENT NO. 7,059,055

Kit Features

  • Battery-powered verification (or remediation) of threaded holes (or external threads).
  • Powerful. Portable. Two-speed gear drive. Can be used anywhere.
  • Will process most threads in less than 3 seconds.
  • Sensitive patented clutch unit allows the thread tool to stop harmlessly in case of hopelessly obstructed threads.
  • Fast-change snap-in Type FP chuck enables tool changes in 4 seconds.
  • Tool Adapters will accommodate all the popular tool shanks: taper, straight, and full-threaded (reversible).
  • Compliant feature prevents jamming. It will follow the existing thread, not fight it.
  • Forward (driving-in) torque settings are made with an external knob. Torque in reverse is always at maximum power.

Custom Applications

If your application requires customization, you are interested in the Green Depth Sensing Lights option, or if you have any questions, contact us with the “Get a Quote” button below or give us a call.


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