Contact vs Non-Contact Thread Gaging

What is the best way to guarantee that a glove fits? You could measure every feature of the glove, but you will only be confident in the fit when you try it on. The same considerations must be made when choosing between contact and non-contact thread verification methods. In the example above, contact gaging is…Read More

Thread Quality Control Series: Powered Gaging of Tapered Pipe Threads

Pipe threads are manufactured in many forms, but the most common types are straight and tapered threads. Straight pipe threads are gaged with the “GO” & “NO GO” process like regular threads, but tapered pipe threads require an entirely different gaging method: A series of L checks. The 3 main types of L checks are…Read More

Hand Gaging of NPT (American Pipe) Threads

There are two kinds of American pipe thread, NPT and NPTF.  Both of these are tapered threads, but when screwed together tightly, the NPT, and NPTF Class 1, leaves voids at the root and crest of the threads, which, to prevent spiral leakage, need to be filled with a sealing compound at assembly.  The NPTF…Read More

Thread Quality Control Series: GO & NO GO Checks

Stop Spinning Gages “I just want to avoid spinning gages all day.” We hear this sentiment from manufacturing professionals all over the world.  We were discussing this recently with a manufacturer in Wisconsin who machines large quantities of threaded parts.  Their customer requires them to “GO” and “NO GO” verify every part.  They were dealing…Read More


Our RT and CRD Thread-Verification Kits are available for sale today. Each Kit gives you everything you need to start verifying your threads with your own thread gages.Read More

Push-Pull Thread Checks with the PPT

The PPT Thread Machine is New Vista’s latest and most affordable bench-mounted, manually-operated system to date. It can be used for thread gaging or thread remediation (chasing or retapping).Read More

Robots Make Your Life Easier… Again

Tired of checking all your threads by hand? Out of all New Vista’s automated thread-verification solutions the RTU is the most versatile and effective when multiple thread sizes are involved.Read More

Robotic Thread-Verification Solutions

Given parts with threads all over the place and at different angles (such as a Crankcase, above): what is the best way to verify all of the threads? Fixed automation systems tend to be inflexible and expensive, and hand gaging is inefficient and unreliable, with a high probability of human error leading to missed threads.…Read More

The New Vista HTU Unit

Versatility can be hard to come by in the world of volume manufacturing inspection equipment. Dedicated machines can be pricey or unable to adapt to new applications. Units suitable for spot checks lack adaptability for more rigorous applications. In today’s environment of newly emerging challenges, an affordable Unit flexible enough to adapt to multimodal use will save you time, money, and the headaches of dealing with quality issues.Read More