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Hand-Loading vs. Integration for Thread Verification

There is a break-even point when considering whether to integrate a Thread Verification Station into a production line or just hand feed the Station, where the cost of paying a person to move parts is justified over laying out the capital for an automated device to perform this task, or vice versa. This is typically driven by cycle time and the architecture of the production process. So if you have a relatively slow cycle time, and have the personnel, hand sorting may be the best option. Continue reading

Thread Verification Techniques In High And Medium Volume Production

Until relatively recently, manufacturers of auto and truck parts, medical and aerospace components and the like, relied on sampling inspection of threads using hand gages. But in the last dozen years, with an accelerated trend toward automated assembly; and with increased outsourcing of machined parts, it has become more urgent for them to move toward automated 100% thread gaging for many critical components. Continue reading

TVM-IND Thread-sorting Machines

New Vista’s TVM-INDs are one of the fastest thread-sorting machines in the New Vista arsenal. They can achieve sub-second cycle times, and perform other measurement tasks as well. They can achieve this speed because they are based on dial indexers. First introduced to the market in 2008, the longevity of these Machines is anchored in robust design and the use of the well-regarded New Vista TVU-STH Power Unit. TVM-INDs are relentlessly reliable, they are compact and they will run either male or female threads. The latest models have quick-changeover capabilities built into them, and they cost less now than they ever have before. Continue reading