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TSF High-Torque Thread Units

New Vista’s patented technology extends into a multitude of threading applications: thread verification, thread chasing and retapping are examples.  Retapping, for example, has proven to be a particular challenge for automotive part remanufacturers.  When parts are brought in for reconditioning, the threads tend to be damaged and dirty.  Retapping is what is needed here, and New Vista’s solution for this unique set of challenges is the TSF Thread Unit.

Popular in reconditioned-parts plants, the TSF Thread Unit is capable of retapping damaged threads and cleaning out serious contamination in thread sizes up to M18 (3/4”).   Much faster than old style retappers or drill presses, the average TSF cycle is just 3 seconds; allowing an operator to process more parts in a shift.  The TSFs will follow the existing threads, and they are equipped with a sensitive high speed drive which causes the spindle to stop when it encounters hopelessly-marred or short threads.  These features prevent common retapping problems like cutting out-of-phase threads or breaking tools.

To see a New Vista TSF Thread Unit retapping threaded holes packed with rust, dirt and plating residue in Brake Calipers, please view Video VTSF3.

Contact one of New Vista’s Application Engineers today to find out what you can save by implementing a more efficient retapping process. Expert applications service is available from our U.S. location and in several other countries as well. Please inquire.

New Vista SuperCompliant Toolholders

Supercompliant Toolholder

Misalignment is a fact of life in powered thread verification. You can’t avoid it. So how do you prevent, in real life, having the thread gage member jam in a good thread because of misalignment issues? New Vista’s patented torque control mechanism prevents damage even when misalignment is a factor, but for the thread gage member to slither effortlessly through a misaligned thread, you will also need a compliant Toolholder. And in cases of severe misalignment, only a SuperCompliant Toolholder™ will do the job.

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New Vista Handheld Thread Verification & Cleanout

TC Thread Gun - New Vista CorpAs the latest addition to New Vista’s line of thread verification and cleanout solutions, the TC Thread Gun offers unparalleled convenience when inspecting or chasing multiple threads in large parts. The standard TC Gun is equipped with quick change tooling and depth setting, allowing most internal and external “GO” thread inspections (and cleanouts) to be performed in 4 seconds or less. As always with New Vista designs you get (adjustable) limited torque going in, and much greater torque backing out, eliminating the possibility of jamming in the hole or cross-threading.
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Ready For IMTS 2018?

Visit us at IMTS 2018! Come by our booth anytime during the show and test run our most popular products. You’ll find us at booth #135330 in the Quality Assurance area.”The International Manufacturing Technology Show is one of industry’s biggest and best shows, and if you’re looking for cutting-edge solutions in manufacturing technology, chances are, you’re going!

This year, take advantage of the opportunity to experience New Vista’s latest innovations in screw thread-verification and thread reconditioning technology. On display will be our most popular products: the STH Unit, SCD Machine and Handheld Gun, among others. You can find information about these products and see videos of them in action before you arrive through New Vista’s website.

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New Vista IND Thread-verification And Sorting Machines

First introduced to the market in 2008, the New Vista IND (dial type) thread Verification-Machines are the fastest thread-sorting machines in the New Vista arsenal. They can achieve 2-second cycle times and perform other measurement tasks as well. The longevity of these Machines is anchored in robust design and the use of the well-regarded New Vista STH power unit. TVM-INDs are relentlessly reliable, they are compact and they will verify either male or female threads. The latest models have quick-changeover capabilities built into them, and they cost less now than they ever have before. Continue reading

Hand-Loading vs. Integration for Thread Verification

There is a break-even point when considering whether to integrate a Thread Verification Station into a production line or just hand feed the Station, where the cost of paying a person to move parts is justified over laying out the capital for an automated device to perform this task, or vice versa. This is typically driven by cycle time and the architecture of the production process. Continue reading

Thread Verification Techniques In High And Medium Volume Production

Until relatively recently, manufacturers of auto and truck parts, medical and aerospace components and the like, relied on sampling inspection of threads using hand gages. But in the last dozen years, with an accelerated trend toward automated assembly; and with increased outsourcing of machined parts, it has become more urgent for them to move toward automated 100% thread gaging for many critical components. Continue reading